Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Metis in Manitoba!

This past  Monday was a holiday in our province - Louis Riel Day - and Festival du voyageur celebrations are in full swing!
In light of this special time, here are some great resources for our educators (or anyone looking to learn!) about the very rich Metis history we have in our province!

*The following list & links are full of amazing resources, curated and shared by Monique Woroniak from the Winnipeg Public Library! Check them out!*

Written, compiled: Monique Woroniak
Twitter: @mworoniak
The following resources were shared via Twitter the day before and the day of Louis Riel Day, February 16th, 2015.
The list below contains the original text of the tweets (including texting spelling conventions and minus most hashtags) and includes resources that provide information about a range of Métis-­‐related topics: Louis Riel, Métis women, Métis artists, Michif language, oral histories and information about communities. The list is in no way a comprehensive bibliography about the Métis but was shared to highlight interesting resources found online and pique peoples’ curiosity to learn more.

Sent Pre-Louis Riel Day – February 15, 2015
Ahead of #LouisRielDay Pamphlet of facts to share re. the Metis people, incld short list of amazing Metis women:
Note: if link does not work Google: metis women strong beautiful pdf.
It will be the first entry on the results list.

Michif- language of the #Metis people.
(Metis Nation of BC) full of lessons, videos to learn.

 Manitoba's own Louis Riel Institute also offers online resources for learning Michif:

Another great resource-­‐the Gabriel Dumont Inst. Virtual Museum of Metis History & Culture
Lots to explore!

And last for 2day, something archival. Paul Chartrand's report to the Mb Aboriginal Justice Inquiry
re. Metis people

Sent Louis Riel Day – February 16, 2015

1."Louis Riel, One Life, One Vision"-­‐great set of pages re his life and actions
fr Societe historique de St. Boniface

2. Louis Riel's death certificate. Image via @umarchives

3. A really (like, really) fascinating list of "Metis firsts" spanning fr 1801-­‐2004.

4. In Wpg, the Red River Resistance is all around us. Here's a brochure w/ sites all mapped out for you to explore:

5. The Metis Homeland : Its Settlements & Communities. An alpha list w/ short
descriptions. Gr8 resource:

6. Riel was 1 man-­‐but what of the women of the Red River Metis?
Gr8 short piece on Metis women's roles & trad knowldge

7. Amazing oral histories fr Metis women of St. Eustache, MB covering 1910-­‐1980.
Learning thru stories.

8.  Did u know about "Louis Riel" the opera?
First prod. in 1967, the CBC released it on DVD in 2011:

9. Really interesting, short commentary piece (1991) re. Michif lang & community of St. Laurent, MB.

10.Metis health research-­‐stats & literature. Created w/ Nat Abor Health Org
(funding now cut).

11. Now for some vids. Finger weaving makes magic! Here's your how-­‐tos.

12."Metis Fiddler Quartet"-­‐a profile of this grp fr Toronto on their music & identity.

13.Metis Identity Through the Generations. 'Pegger Janelle Wookey shines light on the identity question

14.Cry from a Diary of a Metis Child. Documentary by Alanis Obomsawin.
Possible triggering content.

15. Artists are the heart of any community.
Here's a list of just some Metis visual artists:

16. For the kids! A little old school but Awchimo has basic info & some fun interactivity for kids.

A huge thank you to Monqiue for sharing all of her hard work with us! It's a fabulous one-stop-shop!

Rec and Read!

Rec and Read is a wonderful program running in John Taylor Collegiate with the help of students from the University of Manitoba. It teams up U of M students, students from John Taylor, and students from Buchanan as well! It focuses on physical activity, healthy living and literacy as well as Indigenous culture and mentoring skills.  It's a beneficial program for all students involved!
Recently an article about the Rec and Read program was published in the Winnipeg Free Press!
Check it out!

Monday, 9 February 2015

In.Business: A Business Network for Indigenous Youth

Here's a FABULOUS opportunity for Grade 10, 11 and 12 students!!

In.Business: A Business Network for Indigenous Youth is a mentorship program that uses social media, smartphone technology, Aboriginal mentors, and in person conferences to educate Indigenous high school students about business. In.Business was established in 2011 by the Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business Studies at Cape Breton University (CBU). The program is expanding nationally, with Winnipeg becoming the first region outside of the Atlantic to go live this year. 

The deadline for applications will be February 15 2015, and the opening conference will happen on March 13 & 14th 2015 with an overnight stay on the 13th for students and mentors at the Holiday Inn Express downtown. Students and mentors will be given/loaned smartphones at the conference. For the next three months after the conference students will stay in touch with their business mentors and complete bi-weekly business challenges using social media & applications on the smartphones. There will be a closing conference in June 2015.
For more information & the application process, go to this website:

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Learning at John Taylor

Our department was invited on Friday, January 30th to John Taylor Collegiate to spend the morning with their Educational Assistant staff members!  What better way for them to spend some of their 'exam week' time, than engaging in some Indigenous awareness!
We had an interesting morning - we discussed smudging in the school, had a discussion about how little knowledge (in general) Canadians have about Indigenous people, and then spent the last part talking with our friend Elder Stanley Kipling, who brought along some great teachings!
Thanks to JT for inviting us in, to Elder Kipling for coming to share his knowledge, and to everyone for participating!  We LOVE doing stuff like that!

Testing out their knowledge!

Elder Stanley Kipling and his teachings!

 An eagle fan that can be used in a powwow or in a ceremony.

On the left is a black bear tooth, on the right is a polar bear tooth! Yikes!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Smudging in St. James - Assiniboia School Division

Smudging in schools is something that many school divisions are talking about.
Manitoba Education and Advanced Training has developed a policy in respect to the practice of Smudging in the public school setting. You can find it here:

In addition to the provincial document, St. James - Assiniboia School Division has developed a policy to support Smudging in our own schools.  You can find the divisional policy here:

We will be holding our divisional AAA rep meeting on Tuesday, February 17th from 4pm - 5pm at the PSDC. Among other topics, we will be discussing the revised divisional policy on Smudging, and conducting a Smudging ceremony. 
Each school will receive a smudge bowl kit, along with the necessary signage.  
Only schools in attendance will receive a smudge bowl kit (bag, bowl, sage and matches).  
It's important to receive the teachings before proceeding with smudging in your school.

Below is a poster that you can copy & paste into a Word document; feel free to use it as needed! 


We smudge to clear the air around us.

We smudge to clean our minds so that we will
only have good thoughts of others.

We smudge our eyes so that we will only
see good things in others.

We smudge our ears so that we will only
listen to good thoughts about others.

We smudge our mouths so that we will only
speak of good things about others.

We smudge our whole being so that we
may portray the good part of our self
through our actions.